Managing a smooth relocation with minimal disruption of business, including IT service and voice communication poses a major challenge. We fully understand that most businesses can’t afford any downtime and all transitions should be seamless. With over 30 years of experience and a high level of expertise in telecommunications and IT consulting, DYNACOM will ensure a seamless, stress-free move to your new location on budget and on schedule. Whether you are relocating your offices across the street or to another state, DYNACOM will assist you with every detail.

Our process begins with a thorough needs and site assessment to determine utilization and installation of current systems along with an analysis of technologies and equipment required at the new location. Once the needs analysis is completed, we provide you with budgets and vendor evaluations. Because we are unbiased, you are assured of getting recommendations that are always in your best interest. The next step involves ordering systems and equipment, planning design, and implementation. All of the front-end work is done with a meticulous attention to detail to keep expenses in line and stay on schedule.

DYNACOM prides itself on its expert, hands-on project management. We accept full responsibility for every aspect of your move, down to the placement of electrical outlets and cable configurations. Consider DYNACOM part of your team—your mediator and facilitator. As project manager, DYNACOM provides everyone involved in the relocation with detailed, easy-to-read schematics and makes sure that tasks are completed in a timely and professional fashion. Our team of professionals is available 24 by 7 during mission critical phases of your move, so that you can confidently focus your attention on the business at hand.

IT Infrastructure Relocation Management and Coordination for: